Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hi my name is Paul Scott. I am semi-retired. I help my wife, Alice, and stepdaughter, Michele, with their medical billing business. But my best time is spent with my three year old granddaughter, Rebecca Boo who I watch over while Mom and Mimi work. She helps me feed the birds and when we are done filling the bird feeders she calls out to them "eat time!!".

We enjoy watching the birds eat and flutter about - who's turn is it? They take turns and squabble about. A blue jay lands on our porch rail and caws loudly at us. He then jumps down to help himself to some dog food. Socrates, our golden retriever, gets upset with them once in awhile, but he still shares.

I also have two more lovely granddaughters. Mackenzie, 11 loves to drive the riding lawn mower giving tours and landing airplanes while giving tours. Nine year old Mackayla gets to ride in the cart with Rebecca behind the lawn mower while Mackenzie gives the tours.

We have been feeding the birds regularly, giving the migrating birds a good meal before their long journey. The native birds such as the blue jays, the chickadees and the finches, who don't fly south know that they can get a good meal here throughout the long upstate New York winters.

Suet feeders are a treat furnishing plenty of energy for the cold. We've got lots of birdfeeders and houses available at Feeders and Houses.

I'll be letting you know who's been coming to visit as the birds move south.



Mick Redmond said...

Hi Paul,
I love your website. It is great for newbie bird watchers like me. I never know what kind of food to buy for which birds! I will keep checking out your site for new info.

Janie K said...

Hi Paul,
I've just started watching birds this year and love it!! They have started migrating in my area so I'm seeing new birds now. Thanks for your tips on feeding, etc. I tried the oranges and got a Baltimore Oriole to visit. Love the song.
Janie K.

Paul Scott said...

Hi Janie,
That's great. I love the migrating season, but it goes to quickly. So the Oriole's won't be around much longer. Enjoy them while you can!

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